Putting  my  lifetime experience  into  design

Origin story

Internet culture has had a significant impact on my career and personal interests. As a teenager, I delved graphic design as a hobby. This passion eventually led to a career in web design, drawing inspiration from the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Education & experience

After graduating from the EEMI in Paris, I gained valuable experience at Sublime, a digital advertising company. Working in a start-up was an exhilarating experience, but as the company scaled, so did my thirst for new projects, driving me towards freelancing.

Other interests

In my free time, I'm passionate about movies, TV series, and producing music (Soundcloud). I'm also proud of being one half of The Bosoka Company, a  duo studio developing mobile games.

Skills & expertise

Web design & webflow dev

I create clean and robust websites with a keen focus on responsiveness. Webflow is the perfect tool for the task, as it empowers me to craft tailor-made solutions that meet my clients' unique needs. Apart from its high performance, Webflow's user-friendly CMS makes it a breeze for my clients to update their content over time without having to learn complex technical skills : say goodbye to Wordpress.

Brand identity &

I craft distinct brand identities that align with the target audience and capture the essence of a business. This includes logo design, brand guidelines, and other visual elements that create a strong brand identity. I'm always inclined to help my clients by providing practical advice on content strategy and brand identity to ensure their brand is effectively communicated and aligned with their marketing goals.

Graphic & motion design

I meet clients' expectations with visually compelling aesthetics. From print projects to animated logos and icons, I deliver engaging visual solutions that leave a lasting impression and fit any client’s needs. Being versatile, I can help clients  with their social medias, press kits, print assets...

My process


Design phase

I understand your business and its unique value proposition, working closely with you to assess your needs, review or create content, and design a website that reflects your vision. Every aspect of your site is carefully crafted to be visually appealing, functional, and distinct, setting you apart from competitors.


Webflow build

Once the design is finalized, I move on to building the website using Webflow. With its powerful tools and features, I can add animations and interactions to make the site come alive and engage visitors. I also ensure that the site is optimized for performance and is responsive across all devices.


Client takeover

Once the website is built and ready to go, I hand over the keys to the client. Thanks to Webflow's powerful yet user-friendly CMS, clients can easily make updates and changes to their content without any technical skills. I also provide training and support to ensure a smooth transition and help them get the most out of their new website.